Collect memories, not things…..

My life has been an adventure, and it’s hard to sum up in just a few words. Let’s just say that I’m an overachiever who’s had the earth knocked out from under her a few times. With loss comes appreciation for what you have, and you learn what you need and what you don’t:  things that just clutter up your life.

I’ve learned what’s important. I’ve learned to compromise, prioritize, empathize, and make up new words as I go along. Like human-life-fullness, and voodoo-doll-itis. I’ve learned to deeply, profoundly love.

 I was blessed with a creative mind, and my arts range from changing an entire house to laying out a magazine. 

I dance. I kayak. I photograph. I draw. I write. 

I cry. 

I laugh.

I welcome you to my site, and invite you to join the adventure of life.

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